Date of Execution: 签字日期:
  This AGREEMENT is made and entered into, by and between:
  _____ (As “Party A”) (以下简称甲方)
  ____ (As “Party B”) (以下简称乙方)

  To ensure both parties’ business goals and economic achievement, it is necessary to clarify the responsibilities of both parties. According to this Agreement endorsed herein, Party B agreed to providing door-to-door delivery services for Party A, therefore, this agreement shall be agreed upon and signed by both parties with the following term and conditions.
  Section 1.Service to be Rendered第一条:服务范围
  Party B agreed to provide the following service items to Party A:
  1. Express within the city. 市内货物的快递;
  2.Domestic routing door-to-door delivery services. 货物全国门到门运输;
  3.Provides sufficient storage space for the goods needed to be Stored/delivered.
  4.Provides inspection and packaging services for the goods. 承运货物的分检、包装。
  Section 2.Representation and Warranties 第二条:服务要求
  Party B shall agree to provide ____ square meter(s) (m2) of warehouse storage space to Party A for storing of _____, and Party B shall nominate a specialist to manage all affairs involved herein for Party A.
  乙方将____ 米的库房面积租给甲方储存____,并派专人负责甲方的业务。
  1. Both parties shall conduct inspection and quality control activities currently when the goods get into warehouse. Party A should send an authorization notice to Party B for inspection of their goods when Party A is absent. In this case, Party B will not be responsible for any quality problems of the goods. Party B shall prepare a master list after goods are stored in the warehouse, this master list shall be signed by Party B and faxed to Party A in a timely manner.
  2. The goods stored in warehouse shall be released to the authorized personnel only with signed documents by designated Party A personnel. Party B’s representative has right to refuse any unauthorized requests of storage/release activities from Party A.
  a)Every need to be signed by authorized personal of Party B and designated pick-up personnel. Every < Receipt > need to be signed by Party B representative and the designated delivery personnel. These forms are official records and shall be treated as part of this agreement. It is both parties responsibility to keep an original signed copy into their records.
  《出库单》需经乙方和提货方签字, 《入库单》需经乙方和送货方签字,该记录为合同的有效组成部分,当事人双方各保存一份。
  b)Party B shall cooperate with Party A on pick-up/delivery businesses in the city. Party B shall intensively follow the daily delivery schedule, to ensure the availability of vehicle for Party A to use and guarantee to respond timely for emergency on-calls.
  c)Party B shall provide a domestic uniform rate standard for services. Every branch of Party B shall follow their own standard of business strictly; such as delivery personnel must wear company’s uniform during business hours, Party B’s operators must wearing their uniforms. Party B shall designate a person to handle the entire business practice that includes monitoring the entire delivery routes for Party A.
  d) The designated warehouse personal from Party B shall be responsible for recording daily business affairs regarding to party A’s goods on hand copy and record data with computer. Party B shall provide the current warehouse state to Party A via e-mail on weekly and monthly basis.
  e) Party B shall provide work order for each request received from Party A. Each work order shall include detailed delivery status. In addition, the entire related information should be kept in MIS system as document files, this system shall be written by LAN program. Party A shall review these records by the end of the year for business estimate purposes.
  Section 3.Term of This Agreement 第三条:服务期限
  This agreement shall be effected from_____ to _____. If there are no issues regarding this agreement by the end of this period from both parties, this agreement shall be extend for another term automatically. If either party wants to terminate this agreement during the initial or extended period of time, the party who wants to terminate this agreement shall notify the other party at least 3 months prior to the termination of this agreement. If this notice is less than 3 months, the party who wants to terminate this agreement should pay compensation to the other party.
  从 年 月 日起至 年 月 日止;合同期满甲乙双方如无异议,本合同将自动顺延;在协议期限或自动顺后,协议之任何一方如需中途停止协议时,需提前 个月,而短于 个月时,提出方需赔付对方相应的损失。
  Section 4.The Methods Used for Confirmation of Services. 第四条:服务确认方式
  1. Party B shall receive a request via telephone or fax from Party A.
  2.Upon approval of a request by both parties, Party A shall submit and transfer the entire documents related to Party B in a timely manner.
  3.Upon receive a work request from Party A, Party B shall issue a work order in accordance with the standard service charge and process appropriate insurance coverage (as requested by Party A) immediately.
  Section 5.The Liabilities for Default of This Agreement 第五条:违约责任
  1. Party B shall warrant the safety of Goods during the period of storage and transportation. In the event that Party B causes any loss, shortage, or damage to the Goods during the storage and process, Party B shall be responsible to claim any liabilities from the insurance company in accordance with the Insurance law. In the event there is no insurance coverage for the damage, then, this coverage shall be compensated by Party B in accordance with “Party B Delivery Clause”. If the loss or damage occurred while unloading from the seaport, railroad, airport, or Force Majeure, Party B will help Party A to file claim to compensate the loss.
  2. Party B shall be responsible for the safety of the Goods that stored within warehouse. Party B shall compensate any loss, shortage, or damage of Goods during storage period (exclude Force Majeure, reasonable depreciation or the damages were caused by Party A).
  3. If any of loss, damage and contamination occurred because of default of the storage conditions and specific storage requirements under this Agreement by Party B, Party B shall be responsible for compensating the entire loss to Party A.
  4. If there is any discrepancy between Party A’s master list against the actual number of Goods that are released or stored, or any abnormal delivery schedule were observed by Party B’s representative, Party B shall notify party A immediately. Party B shall clarify the situation with Party A and delivery personnel prior to receiving the Goods into the warehouse. In failure doing so, Party B shall take the responsibility for this incident.
  5. It is Party A’s responsibility to provide the master list and related documents for each shipment prior to receiving of the Goods into the warehouse. If any discrepancy occurs because of Party A’s failure to provide complete documents or failure to deliver such documents on time for inspection, Party B is not responsible for such discrepancies and will not compensate for any loss.
  6. If Party A fails to have a representative present at the warehouse site or fails to prepare a master list upon receiving of such notice from Party B, then, the list that provided by Party B shall be used as an official list and become legal document. Party B will not be responsible for any discrepancies occur during this shipment.
  7.Party A shall pack their Goods with the standard package material in accordance with the National Package Guideline. If the package is not packed with standard package materials according the commodity transfer safety regulation, Party A shall repack or send a request to Party B to repack any Goods that do not meet package regulation. Party B will not be responsible for any damages caused by improper packing or the packages having trouble to be opened for damage inspection.
  8. An additional fee will be charged by Party B if Party A has an extra request for packing, special delivery, detour for delivery, and extra equipment needed for delivery to ensure safety and avoid any incidents during the delivery.
  9.It is necessary for Party A to negotiate with Party B immediately when a work request already sent to Party B, or the Agreement is expired but the process is delayed because of Party A (including pick-up personnel). Upon agreed by Party B, Party A should receive a permission to continue to use the warehouse. The method of payment should be referred to Section 6 of this Agreement.
  Section 6 Rate of the Agreement 第六条:结算方式及时间
  1.The accounting method and rate for service charges that agreed by both Parties as follows:
  Storage Rate (should be paid by Party A): 仓储费用:
  Warehouse charge: ____ RMB /m2/day paid by Party A monthly, monthly payment is ____Yuan. The receipt shall be written as RMB in capital ____ even.
  库房仓储费为:____ 元/平米/天。 甲方按月缴纳租金,每月交纳租金为 ____元;人民币大写:____ 整。
  Inspection charge: 分捡费:
  For a large amount of inspections (up to ____ items of Goods), the charge from Party B will be:
  ____ /per location/per type of commodity
  对于大量的分捡业务(货物种类超过 ____ 种以上时),乙方将收取一定的服务费用:
  ____ 元/地/类
  Insurance charge:The insurance rate is____ % of the value of Goods.
  保险费:保险费率为____ %
  Other charge: reference to the Appendix. 其它收费标准:详见合同附件
  2.Party B shall send their previous monthly statement on or before the ____ day of each month to Party A. Party A shall send their payment within ____ days via cash, check, or wiring after Party A received a detail statement from Party B. An additional ____ % of total charge /per day will be charged by Party B if any delay payment that over ____ days.
  乙方每月____ 日前与甲方进行上月业务结算,甲方收到乙方所提供的结帐明细、发票后,在____ 日内以现金、支票、电汇的方式支付给乙方。甲方如延迟付款超过____天以上的,按服务费____ %/天的数额向乙方支付滞纳金。
  3.If any delay of payment that caused by Party B or statutory holiday, Party A shall not be charged for any delinquent payment.
  4.If there is any change on service rates by Party B, Party B shall notify Party A in writing a month prior to the occurrence of such changes, and Party B should receive a written confirmation from Party A with such changes. Otherwise, the rate will remain the same as listed on this Agreement.
  Section 7。The Rights and Obligations for Both Parties. 第七条:双方的权利义务
  1. The rights and obligations for party A 甲方的权利义务
  a) Party A has right to request Party B to delivery the Goods to any destination at any time with any method that already listed herein this Agreement. If there is a need for any changes with this work request, Party A has the right to change the work request before Party B has processed this request for pick-up or delivery.
  b) Party A has right to request Party B to provide updated information at any time regarding to the status of the work request.
  c) It is Party A’s obligation to provide accurate delivery addresses and other related information to Party B. Party B shall not be responsible for any loss, shortage and damages because of the wrong information that provided by Party A.
  d) Party A shall follow the payment schedule to send payment to Party B. If any breach caused by Party A, Party A shall take the entire responsibility for this matter.
  2.The rights and obligations for Party B乙方的权利义务
  a) According this Agreement, It is Party B’s obligation to provide safe delivery services to Party A on time. The services that are requested by Party A should be treated as high priority at any time.
  b) It is Party B’s obligation to keep Party A’s affairs confidential and Party B shall provide a copy of reports for each delivery services to Party A.
  c) A valid license and other legal documents shall be made available by Party B for each vehicle that used by Party A, these vehicle should be operated by drivers with good driving records.
  d) The warehouse personnel and staff of Party B shall provide 24-hour services as requested by Party A (including statutory holiday).
  e) Party B should provide monthly report to Party A with details about each commodity that stored in the leased warehouse and the list of office supplies that used by Party B’s staff. The report shall be accurate and authentic. If Party A representative wish to audit records, Party B shall provide records generated from the previous day.
  f) If Party A violates the Agreement, Party B has the right to temporary suspend any work request that received from Party A.
  Section 8.Amendment and Termination of The Agreement第八条:合同的变更和解除
  1. During effective period of this Agreement, both parties are prohibited to modify or terminate the Agreement. If any party needs to modify or terminate the Agreement, a written notice to the other party is required ____ days prior to the occurrence of such changes.
  2.In the event that any Force Majeure or incident occurred that caused either party unable to practice this Agreement, it is necessary to notify the other party immediately. This notification should include detailed information of the incident and reasons. Both parties shall evaluate the incident and decide whether or not they should completely or partially terminate this Agreement.
  3.If there is a disagreement between two parties during the term of the agreement, negotiation should be taken place by both parties. If the further agreement can’t be reached by negotiation, either party has the right to file complaint with the Arbitrate Committee of Industrial and Business Contract or the Court for conciliation or arbitration.
  Section 9.Miscellaneous 第九条:其他
  1.For any other items that are not covered with this Agreement, the two parties can negotiate it later. All of the attachments of this Agreement have been agreed upon by both parties and should be treated as part of this Agreement.
  2.IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Contract in duplicate by their duly authorized representatives on the date first above written. This Agreement will be effective on the date that this Agreement is signed by both parties.
  Party A: 甲方: Party B: 乙方:
  Legal Representative: Legal Representative:
  Or Authorized Representative: Or Authorized Representative:
  法定代人表或委托人: 法定代表人或委托人:

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