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  甲方(开证方) Party A: (Issuer):

  乙方(接证方)Party B (Receiver):

  鉴于甲方开具境外 SBLC (译注:备用信用证 简称SBLC (standby letters of credit) 又称担保信用证,是指不以清偿商品交易的价款为目的,而以贷款融资,或担保债务偿还为目的所开立的信用证) 给乙方,由乙方银行办理抵押贷款,为此双方达成协议如下:
  Commissioned by Party B to Party A that Party A shall issue an available SBLC and to let Party B get a mortgage loan from the bank, for which both parties agree as follows.
  一.票据概述 Note Overview:
  1. 抵押品担保:The mortgage collateral: SBLC.
  2. 面值:合约总额度 _____分批操作,第一单 _____,第二单____,第三单______, 完成第一单后每隔____个工作天操作第二,第三单,后续按双方商定的金额办理。至 本合同金额操作完成,本合同便自动终止。
  The nominal value: Total contract amount is _____, the first transaction is ____, the second transaction is _____, the third transaction is _____. The Second and Third transaction will be started within FIVE banking days after completion of the last transaction. the following transaction amount will be proceeded under discussion of both two parties. After completion of the contract amount, this contract will be finished automatically
  3. 期限 三百六十五天加一天。 Duration: 365 days plus one day.
  4. 开证方式:用 SWIFT 按接证银行的版本开出。
  Mode of issuance: To issue the SBLC by using SWIFT -760 and the verbiage as attached
  5. 开证银行_____ Issuing bank: _____
  6. 接证银行 _____ Receiving bank: _____
  7. 受益人 乙方___ Beneficiary: ____PARTY B____
  8. 查询方式 银行对银行以 SWIFT 进行确定。
  Way of inquiry: Verified by bank to bank SWIFT/ communication.
  二.双方责任和业务 Responsibilities and duties of both parties
  甲方: 甲方开出境外 SBLC 供乙方抵押贷款用。
  Party A: Party A issues an oversea’s SBLC for Party B to get the mortgage loan.
  2. 甲方开出的 SBLC 是符合乙方指定贷款银行确定的有效版本。
  Party A issues a SBLC, which should be ensured that the verbiage is the valid version provided by Party B’s appointed bank for the mortgage loan
  3. 平仓责任:SBLC 由开证银行无条件 100%平仓。
  Settlement responsibility: The issuing bank will take 100% of unconditional settlement responsibility for this SBLC.
  4. SBLC 必须由接证银行确认无误可用于担保贷款,开证银行对于接证银行本身业务操作失误的损失将不负任何责任。
  SBLC will be confirmed by the receiving bank that this SBLC is good for securing the mortgage loan, and the issuing bank will not take any responsibility for the loss of the operational errors made by the receiving bank.
  5. 甲方提供如下文件: (1)营业执照; (2)法定代表人护照
  Party A should provide to Party B (1) company license;(2) Passport of Signatory
  乙方: 提供文件如下:(在香港操作)
  Party B: Provide the following documents : (Processing in Hong Kong)
  (1) 营业执照(2)基本账户证(3)接证银行 SBLC 版本(4)接证银行路线图和坐标(5)法人护照。
  1) Enterprise business license (2) Basic account card (3) The SBLC verbiage version of the receiving bank (4) The route and the coordinates of the receiving bank (5) Passport of the enterprise owner.
  三.操作流程 III. Procedures
  1. 甲方确认乙方提供的接证银行的有效 SBLC 版本。
  Party A should confirm the verbiage is the valid version provided by Party B’s appointed receiving bank for the mortgage loan
  2. 甲乙双方在网上签署本协议(视同正式签约),一经签字盖章即产生法律效力。
  Both parties sign this agreement through internet (it to be considered as formal agreement signing), and it will become legally bound once it is signed.
  3. 甲方在双方网上签署本协议____个银行日内发出 MT--799 预开通知。
  Party A will issue Pre-Advice through MT--799 within____banking days after this agreement is signed by both parties.
  4. 乙方接证银行收到 MT--799 预开通知并确认后,____个银行日内回复 MT--799 (含银 行承诺,乙方银行保证在接到 MT-760 后,有能力在____个银行日办理并完成抵押贷款)。
  Within ___banking days after authentication of Pre-advice swift MT--799, Party B will Reply back Party B’s bank conditional guarantee payment(or bank undertaking payment) via MT--799 swift (Party B ensures that on the receiving of the MT--760, Party B has the ability to get the mortgage loan within _____bank working days).
  5. 在乙方银行回复 MT--799 给甲方银行后____ 个银行工作日内按双方商定的 SBLC 面 值的比例___开出同等金额的企业支票给开证方或开证方指定的账户,但此企业支票必须交与双方认可的香港律师楼进行双方共管。
  Upon successful replying MT--799 to Party A’s bank, within____banking days, the equivalent amount of corporate check in accordance with the mutually agreed ratio ____of the SBLC par value will be issued to Party A’s designated bank account , but this corporate cheque will be kept jointly in the mutually agreed attorney’s office in Hong Kong,
  6 甲方在收到确认乙方的 MT--799 乙方的银行承诺及确认乙方企业支票已交于律师楼共管后,在___个银行工作日内由甲方发出 SBLC 经由 MT--760 给乙方。
  After verification and authentication of MT--799 with bank conditional guarantee payment for the amount of the first tranche and verification of the corporate check is jointly kept in the attorney’s office, Party A will request the issuing bank to issue the SBLC via MT--760 swift to beneficiary’s receiving bank within ____banking days.
  7. 乙方接证银行在接到由 MT--760 发过来的 SBLC 后,进行贷款,约定____个银行工作 天内贷款资金到位。在贷款成功后,双方到律师楼解除双方共管,将企业支票交与甲方或将企业支票等额的款项直接打到的____ 账户。其余款项作为甲方给乙方的费用(贷款融资费,银行利息,手续费等)
  Party B will start mortgage loan process after receiving the SBLC via MT--760 swift. After the mortgage is successfully completed within ____ banking days , both parties will go to the attorney’s office to release the corporate check to Party A or transfer the said fund to ____ accordingly.(JOINT BANK ACCOUNT WITH PARTY A). while the remaining funds shall be regarded as fees ( loan finance charges, bank interest, service fees, etc.) to Party B.
  8. 乙方保证乙方在法律上绝对没有任何债权债务上的支付关系。
  Party B guarantees that there is absolutely no obligatory rights or debt to pay any parties.
  9. 双方代表和协调方到香港操作地的一切双向差旅和食宿等费用均由双方各自负责。
  For processing the entire operation in HK, each party’s and their coordinator ’s 2-way travel expense, and food, lodging expense should be borne by each party themselves.
  10. 该SBLC 一年期满时,甲方如需延期,甲方必须支付乙方延期手续费及银行利息等相关 费用。
  After the one year expiration of the SBLC, if Party A desires further extension, Party A must pay for all related extension fees and bank interest incurred by Party B.
  11. 双方同意按每批交易时程来进行操作一直到完成为止。
  Transaction to continue as per mutually agreed tranche schedule. Procedures are to repeat until contract, collateral or fund become exhausted.
  12. 不履行的罚则: 一旦双方签约完事,如有一方违反合同条款,将向另一方支付违约金 5%总合同金额。
  Penalty clause for Non-performance: Should any of the parties herein fails to perform as required in this contract once signed, then the failing party shall indemnify the other party for the total contract amount of 5%.
  13. 甲乙双方同意严格遵守巴黎国际商务 ICC 关于交易保障和不得越线的条例。 为保障各 方权益,未经双方书面同意,不得与对方介绍的客户进行交易,并不得向第三者披露此 案件交易的有关资料和内容,否则违约方将负法律责任并赔偿守约方之经济损失。本协议从签署之日开始有效期两年。本协议一式两份,双方各执一份为凭,并接受相关法律之仲裁与制裁。扫描件与原件具有同等法律效力。
  Party A and party B agree to strictly comply with Paris International Business ICC Code on transaction protection and non-circumvention ordinance. To guarantee parties’ interest, without both parties’ written agreement, both parties shall not do any transaction to customers introduced by either party, and shall not disclose any information related to this transaction to a third party, otherwise, the non-complying party shall take legal responsibility and compensate the complying party for any economical losses. This agreement is effective for two years from the date of signing. This agreement is in two copies, Party A and Party B have one of each, and shall be protected by related law for arbitration and sanction. Scanned copies hold the same legal effect as the originals.

  Party A: For And On Behalf of Party A

  Party B: For And On Behalf of Party B:

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