Commitment for After-sales Service of Weak current Equipment
  As for each customer, we should get to know and analyse their different needs and environments in detail and provide most perfect technical projects and good after-sales service for them. We attach great importance to the effective operation of customers’ systems. We provide solutions for the customers and meanwhile, we also take detailed technical support and after-sales service into consideration so as to protect the investment of customers in software and hardware.
  After completion of works, in order to protect your investment benefits better, our company makes the following commitments combining with our several years’ experience in weak current engineering service.
  Special line of after-sales service: 售后服务专线电话:
  Classification of after-sales service: 售后服务分类:
  The core professional equipment: the service for all core professional equipment includes “three guarantees” implemented by original factories, with time limit of two year.
  Auxiliary support equipment: carried out according to the engineering type after-sales service commitments of our company.
  Stage division of after-sales service: 售后服务阶段划分
  The after-sales service within warranty period: according to the after-sales service stage within warranty period as specified in the contract.
  The after-sales service after the guarantee period: according to the after-sales service stage after the warranty period. This stage includes two kinds of conditions: the customer and our company re-sign an after-sales service contract and there is no service contract after the guarantee period.
  The after-sales service commitments within the warranty period: 保修期间售后服务承诺
  We are committed to providing two-year free warranty service for the equipment and materials purchased by our party involved in the weak current part of this engineering.
  1) Spare parts and on-site warranty service will be provided by our company and equipment manufacturer for all the equipment provided by our party used in the public weak current part. Our company and the equipment manufacturers are responsible for the maintenance of the provided equipment to guarantee the stable operation of the systems. Real-time treatment measures will be taken to the specific damaged accessories and the customers don’t need to pay any charges for them. (Remark: the unspecified peripheral equipment and consumables won’t be included in the warranty scope.)
  2) Within the warranty period, door-to-door warranty service is provided for all the equipment once two year and all the charges are borne by our company: all the customers involved in weak current engineering (including primary devices, peripheral equipment whose warranty is confirmed in advance and the line engineering) undertaken by our company can enjoy two-year free door-to-door service, which means if any breakdown caused by non-artificial damage or natural disaster happens to the device within two year since the date of acceptance of works, our company will send persons to provide service as soon as possible within 4 hours and all the expenses incurred will be borne by our company. After project acceptance, at least once routine door-to-door maintenance will be arranged in the first three months. Afterwards, routine door-to-door maintenance is offered once each season (including the daily detection of the lines, de dusting of the complete primary devices as well as cleaning and maintenance of other devices).
  3) Our company will provide after-sales service with specially-assigned persons in special regions.
  4)our company provides lifelong free maintenance service: After two year’s warranty period, the equipment enjoys lifelong free maintenance service and the users don't need to pay detection fees and maintenance costs. The devices can be maintained free of charge when they are sent to the technical maintenance department of our company. Only when the spare and accessory parts are needed to be replaced, will the costs of them be charged, or none fees are charged. If staffs of our company are needed to provide service, some door-to-door service fees will be charged each time and paid door-to-door service will be carried out.
  The specific contents of after-sales service commitments: 售后服务承诺具体内容如下:
  A. technical support commitment技术支持承诺
  Our company will provide free technical support for the customers, the contents of which include: phone support, on-site maintenance, replacement of spare parts, system fault report and prevention, andregular visit to the customer etc.
  1) Provide 7*24 hours phone support and respond to the phones the soonest possible. In the period of holidays and festivals, off day and off duty, users can contact the technical support staffs by cell phones or telephones. We guarantee the questions of the users can get timely response at any time. When the devices of the system break down, the technical staffs of both parties should firstly contact by phone or log in the users network remotely to make our technical staffs get to know the fault phenomenon and the possible reasons and get the small faults eliminated quickly. As for the faults that can’t be eliminated by phone, we shall send skilful engineers to conduct fault diagnosis on site with the needed parts and replace the broken-down devices immediately to minimize the fault time of the system.
  2) Field service: an engineer participating in this engineering is particularly appointed to conduct station after-sales service within the warranty period. At least 4 hours to arrive at the fault site. On the one hand, he can eliminate the faults occurred on site in time, on the other hand, he can also seek for more services from the company and manufacturers to finish maintenance work according to the maintenance requirements of the customers.
  3) Carrying out spare parts-priority service mode: when the equipment breaks down, related personnel of our company will arrive at the site within 24 hours and replace the parts to guarantee the normal operation of the system. We shall guarantee a sufficient spare parts supply for the equipment supplied by us in the projects so that the users can replace the accessories quickly. Once any fault occurs about the equipment, we shall provide spare parts (maybe they are products with the same models or equal functions or with better performance) for the users from the inventory to replace the damaged device and maintain the normal operation of the systems. In the warranty period of the equipment, we shall make active response to the hardware maintenance requirements put forward by the customers and make the systems return to normal state as soon as possible.
  4) During the maintenance process, the equipment and systems that have already been maintained will be calculated to determine the use conditions of the devices and find out their possible hidden troubles timely to prevent the reoccurring of the faults and make the spare parts of the devices better.
  5) In order to make the systems of the customers reach the optimum state and find out the potential faults in time as well as reduce the probability of the faults and guarantee the stable operation of the systems, we promise to make routine technical detection to the installed systems once per three months. After detection, we shall provide the current situation evaluation and rectification suggestion as well as the lists of new devices and operation systems for the customers.
  The specific contents of routing inspection service: 巡检服务的具体内容:
  1.Provide examination contents in advance and conduct service after getting the user’s validation;
  2. Collect the operating parameters information of the system in the last operational cycle;
  3. Guide the users to implement system optimization;
  4. Discuss with the users’ technical teams aiming to the occurred faults or problems emerging in the course of optimization;
  5. Submit routing inspection report;
  6. Confirm the main work contents and target of the next stage;
  B. customers training and technical support客户培训、技术支持
  All the customers of our company will be provided free training and we take the lead in carrying out the preferential measures of training before purchasing the devices, providing a good pre-sale service for the users. After completion of projects, detailed customer training work related with the projects will be provided, making the customers master the systems using and maintenance knowledge and experience and get the ability of using and maintaining the systems correctly. In daily work, the customers can communicate with our party at any time and request us to provide customer training service. During the using process of our systems, our company will provide all-round technical support work. As for what the customers can’t solve or aren’t clear about, they can contact us at any moment to get help. If any problem is encountered with in the using process, they can also call to consult us at any time or our technicians can also provide door-to-door service.
  C. Report and precautionary measures of system faults系统故障报告和系统故障预防措施
  Our engineers should make final report and technical analysis report about the technical support and after-sales service aiming to the faults occurred in the systems and their handling methods to facilitate the users to analyse the operating state of the systems and summarize the causes and precautions of the problems. Besides, we should also cooperate with various software and hardware manufacturers and inform the problems and bugs the manufacturers have discovered recently to the users timely, making the users take preventive measures.
  D. Supervisory managerial mechanism of services服务监督管理机制
  We carry out serious supervisory managerial mechanism for the technical support and after-sales service provided by our company. If the customers aren’t satisfied with our technical service staffs or they don't provide corresponding service as per the standards stipulated in the contract, they can give direct feedback to the corporate headquarter. Then the headquarters will arrange more senior technicians, even the corporate leaders to go to the site in person so as to solve the problems satisfactorily.

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