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Shanghai Brand Immigration International Consulting Company - Immigration Translation Consulting

Founded in 2013, based in Shanghai, Transboundary International started as a translation company in 2007 and developed into a foreign-related business consulting service in 2018. At present, it has set up branches in Toronto, Canada and Singapore to serve the elite in China, Canada, Singapore, the United States, Australia and other countries and regions with an international concept. From overseas education, business globalization, investment and property, overseas identity planning and other aspects, Immigration International continues to invest in the field of overseas settlement and global business layout, and constantly provides diversified product choices for people who want to realize the global dream; At the same time, based on the preference for low risk, China Mobile International puts itself in the perspective of customer interests. Only by improving the professional service level of the global team, can it become the world's first brand satisfied by customers.

Immigration International, a professional translator for immigrants studying abroad

Immigration International, professional skilled migration service

Immigration International, professional overseas company registration

Immigration International, professional consultation for young students studying abroad

Immigration International, professional cross-border e-commerce services

Based in Shanghai, China, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada, Immigration International has a global business scope!

Immigration International has won the trust and support of numerous customers with professionalism and efforts. It is our consistent purpose to create the most professional immigration program tailored for customers and provide the most thoughtful and considerate services.

In 2022, Immigration International will continue to present itself to the world in the most professional manner, providing you with comprehensive services in the fields of skilled migration, employer sponsored migration, overseas study migration and commercial migration.

The original intention is in a small space, and the ingenuity is in a short distance. Moving to the world, we will connect the world for you with our heart!


EGING Immigration Service  Company is a Canadian and Chinese company focusing on immigration services. We offer a full range of services in China and Canada. We run various government immigration programs for students, immigrants and temporary workers, and we also handle all documents and applications. The expert team will try to find best solutions for your immigration project no matter how difficult it is.

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The reason for choosing to study in Canada is that Canada, famous for  high welfare country in the world, enjoys high government subsidies. Therefore, the cost of studying in Canada is generally lower than that in other popular countries.
Expert level overseas study immigration copywritin

Expert level overseas study immigration copywritin


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Reasons for choosing Canada

Reasons for choosing Canada


Canadian Job Opportunities
Canadian Job Opportunities
First class education system
First class education system
A good place to do business
A good place to do business
Numerous hospitable communities
Numerous hospitable communities
Security, safety and legal rules
Security, safety and legal rules
Freedom and Canadian Values
Freedom and Canadian Values
Clean natural environment
Clean natural environment
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